61. Fernanda Odilla & Anwesha Chakraborty on anti-corruption technologies in Brazil and India


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This week we welcome Fernanda Odilla (@fe_odilla) and Anwesha Chakraborty (@anwesha8984) to talk about their research on how to use technology to assist bottom-up anti-corruption efforts. You can find more about their and Alice Mattoni’s work via https://site.unibo.it/bit-act/en/team/researchers What we cover in the podcast: Alice Mattoni’s BIT-ACT project, find more about it in our previous podcast with Alice: https://soundcloud.com/kickback-gap/56-alice-mattoni-on-the-potential-of-digital-media-for-social-movements-against-corruption Fernanda mentions the car wash (“Lava Jato”) scandal and its backlash, find out more about it from the lead prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol (https://soundcloud.com/kickback-gap/2-episode-deltan-dallagnol and https://soundcloud.com/kickback-gap/55-michael-mohallem-on-lava-jato-and-anti-corruption-efforts-in-brazil 7:45 Whether the hype around digital tools to fight corruption are justified Anwesha mentions the Ipaidabribe website, you can find it here: http://www.ipaidabribe.com/ Which was founded by janaagraha, center for citizenship & democracy: https://www.janaagraha.org/home/ To find out about one of the tool that Fernanda’s does research research on, Operation love serenade, you can check out our previous episode with the founder Irio Musskopf: https://soundcloud.com/kickback-gap/33-irio-musskopf-on-using-artificial-intelligence-to-fight-corruption 18:08 on the challenge to keep citizens engaged in collective action and whether the projects use a naming and shaming approach Fernanda mentions Operation Supervised Politics (in Portuguese): https://www.ops.net.br/ 27:25 on whether reporting platforms can backfire by indicating high descriptive norms 35:19 on how corruption fights back against anti-corruption and whether the problem is bigger on the local or national level 43:19- 43:31: quote → not only transparency…. 45:10: Anwesha and Fernanda sketch a utopian future how technology could help to reduce corruption 54:15 Picks of the podcast: Fernanda: Documentary about art forgery, called Made you look https://www.netflix.com/de/title/81406333 Book about Odebrecht: https://www.livrariadavila.com.br/a-organizacao--a-odebrecht-e-o-esquema-de-corrupcao-que-chocou-o-mundo-725368/p Anwesha: a documentary called An insignificant Man (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk-DlWrZsMg) that plays out like a political thriller And Bad Boy Billionaires https://www.netflix.com/de/title/80990073

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