The Playbook To Living Your Best Life Ever with Michael Lane of Success Resources Australia


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I had the pleasure of interviewing a great man named Michael Lane - Director of Success Resources Australia. Incase you’ve been living under a rock for all these years, Success Resources Australia is one of the most prestigious education companies in Australia which provides top of the line speakers and celebrities around the world. Michael Lane has directly worked with people like Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Grant Cardone, Gary Vee, Sarah Blakely and much more. I attended the National Achievers Congress this year featuring Grant Cardone and Gary Vee as a platinum guest. I must say that the entire experience was sensational for it was well organised, speakers delivered great content and the entire value that was given was spectacular. Michael Lane has been managing and delivering success education to Australia for over 26 years. For someone who has worked with speakers and well known celebrities for over 2 decades, you have to intrigued to know the mindset behind the man behind it all. Imagine you’ve been following personal development for over 26 years, all that knowledge, education and experience goes into you. You’re going to learn a few things that is life changing, hence I jumped at the opportunity to interview Michael Lane and extract as much wisdom as I could. In this interview, I delve into the mind of Michael Lane. You’ll learn his daily rituals, thinking processes, how he solves problems, things he’s learned from his amazing speakers, goals and the future ahead. I’m incredibly excited to share with you this interview. Find out more about Michael Lane by visiting Please like, comment and subscribe. Stay Strong and Be Relentless Khoa Bui

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