Kevin & Query - Tuesday 11/22: Are the Pacers actually good? + a historic upset in the World Cup, Michael Grady returns to the airwaves & Greg Rakestraw!


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00:00 – 25:58 – Argentina is on the verge of losing to Saudi Arabia in the World Cup, USA draws with Wales, Pacers rout the Magic, TJ McConnell’s impact, Kevin’s getting frisky about his Pacers bet, Thanksgiving plans, HSFB state championship matchups

25:59 – 30:25 – Morning Checkdown

30:26 – 41:20 – Saudi Arabia’s radio call of their go-ahead goal against Argentina in the World Cup, Colts issues, the absence of Shaq Leonard

41:21 – 1:13:07 – ISC’s Greg Rakestraw on his busy broadcast schedule this week, the high school football state championship match-ups, World Cup thoughts, IU/Purdue, Colts loss to the Eagles, Morning Checkdown

1:13:08 – 1:25:00 – Kevin’s conversation with Tony East regarding a possible Myles Turner contract extension, JFK’s assassination was 59 years ago

1:25:01 – 1:27:24 – Colts work out tight ends

1:27:25 – 1:53:03 – World Cup recap, Shaq Leonard’s status for this season and going forward, GOAT/goat of the Week, Morning Checkdown

1:53:04 – 1:58:38 – POP QUIZ

1:58:39 – 2:15:21 – Minnesota Timberwolves announcer Michael Grady on how the schedule shook out to spend the holidays in Indianapolis, happier to get the T-Wolves gig or to get away from the Nets nonsense, Anthony Edwards and KAT, Rudy Gobert, how the play-by-play opportunity with the T-Wolves came about, his limited exploring of Minnesota, Myles Turner and the Pacers to this point

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