S2E13: Judy Cho - Using a Carnivore Diet to Heal and Reach Optimal Health


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Judy Cho is a board-certified Holistic Nutritionist and certified Nutritional Therapist who uses a carnivore diet to help people uncover the root cause of their health problems so that they can achieve optimal health.

Judy holds a psychology and communications degree from the University of California, Berkeley and she’s the author of the best-selling book, The Carnivore Cure.

Judy comes on the show to discuss how going on the carnivore diet transformed her health, her parents’ health, and the health of her patients, why that is, what makes carnivore so effective, and who it might be right for.

Judy and Chris Irvin, The Ketologist, also dive into the real problem with statins and what can be done about it, how almond milk production is terrible for the environment, why governing bodies can’t be trusted when it comes to their nutrition advice, and so much more.

Here’s a peek at the topics Chris and Judy get into:

00:00 Introduction to the Keto Answers podcast

00:29 Introduction to this episode’s guest, Judy Cho

01:53 Judy shares about her recent Meat-Up event and how it went

05:20 Judy’s background and how she went from being plant-based for years to switching to a carnivore diet

07:00 How Judy’s parents ended up switching to a carnivore diet too and what their results were after doing so

10:25 How long it took Judy’s dad to get off statins after switching to carnivore and what that looked like

16:00 How her mother’s diabetes changed since she switched to a carnivore diet

18:29 How continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) are a powerful health tool that can be really empowering for people

22:25 Why Judy turned to carnivore after being plant-based for so long

28:33 What Judy noticed after making the switch

39:01 Opening up the conversation about trusting governing bodies with nutrition advice and pharmaceutical recommendations

44:29 What is it about the carnivore diet that makes it work so well?

45:17 Why gluten is a problem for everyone, not just those diagnosed with Celiac

47:48 Why removing plants may be necessary for some people to heal

51:28 How long does it take to see results on the carnivore diet?

55:45 Why are people adding fruit to their carnivore diets? Is this a good idea?

01:06:00 Doesn’t a carnivore diet destroy your thyroid?

01:09:02 How almond milk production is more harmful to our environment than meat production

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Judy’s book, The Carnivore Cure

Judy’s podcast, Nutrition With Judy

Judy’s other podcast, Cutting Against the Grain

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