The Real Fun Zone


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All aboard, Weirdos!

It's time to have an adventure! Lauren and Ashley are traveling the world to find Earth's STRANGEST places!! This episode is extra exciting because we actually discover the REAL FUN ZONE!! And you won't believe where we found it....

Lauren is going to be taking us to several of the strangest towns in the world including a city full of amputees, a community run entirely by women, a town where it's ILLEGAL to DIE, and a burning man-esque desert wasteland that's heaven on Earth to it's residents.

Ashley is taking us to the Chihuahuan desert in Mexico as we explore a place where radio signals don't exist, compasses spin out of control and big fat meteors drop out of the sky at an inordinate rate.

Grab your fanny pack, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and hop in!

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