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Pristin LTI (aka LadyTeenINTL) is a fan account for PRISTIN, and it has been since before PRISTIN even debuted. The account got its name from the nickname given to the members who were at Pledis Entertainment when they were dancers with Seventeen and other Pledis acts. Today, we’re joined by Noah, an admin of the account and a hardcore Pledis/PRISTIN stan. On the episode, Julia and Noah discuss the characteristics of the different members, the so-called “controversy” around Kyla’s weight, and the “We Like” comeback! Find us and our guests online here! Fomo Daily: Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: fomodaily Fomo Daily Podcasts: Fomo Daily Soundcloud: @fomodaily Danny's K-Pop Podcast: @dannyim K-Pop Stancast: @kpopstancast Netizens Unite!: @netizens Unbiased Podcast: @unbiasedpodcast Pristin LTI: Twitter: Website:

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