BTS "DNA" & "Love Yourself: Her" (Ep. 13 w/ USBTSARMY)


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BTS dropped their new mini-album "Love Yourself: Her" along with title track "DNA," so we had to get one of the main administrators of the USBTSARMY Twitter account back on the podcast! In this episode, Julia and her guest get into what it is like to run a K-Pop fan account, ARMY's campaign against re-uploading the "DNA" music video, and which members stood out the most in the video as well! Find us and our guests online here! Fomo Daily: Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: fomodaily Fomo Daily Podcasts: Fomo Daily Soundcloud: @fomodaily Danny's K-Pop Podcast: @dannyim K-Pop Stancast: @kpopstancast Netizens Unite!: @netizens Unbiased Podcast: @unbiasedpodcast USBTSARMY:

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