Live Q&A - New Year’s Resolutions, When to Expand Your Business, How to Build a Team that Does Over $1M per Year, and Effective Direct Mail Marketing


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Welcome to this version of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast! I am excited to bring you another replay of my Facebook Live Question and Answer sessions. I just started doing these live forums in April and they are going so well and I am getting such great feedback and questions, I thought I would share them here on the podcast. Especially for those people that are unable to join us live, this will provide an opportunity to hear the awesome questions I am fielding about business, taking risks, real estate, and so much more! Some of the questions have been very real estate specific, but others have been general business questions, like asking about overcoming fear in order to get started and how to successfully scale. I have also received more personal questions like how I decided real estate investing was right for me and the steps I took to get my business off the ground.

This presentation is the live Q&A that I did the week of January 5th and each Thursday we will offer you another chance to take advantage of listening to the answers to our guests’ fabulous and compelling questions! Don’t miss this new episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast!

Notable Quotes:

“First you nail it, then you scale it.”

  • Mike Simmons quoting Andy McFarland

“I absolutely think you can do $1.2M with four or five employees.”

“The reason they most likely called you is that they can’t list their house on the MLS and it is your job to find out why.”

“We buy houses from people that need to sell their house quickly and for a fair price, in cash.”

“I am less interested in making year-long goals than I am in creating 90-day goals.”

“One of the failures of New Year’s Resolutions is that we lose momentum and motivation because they are too long-term.”

“Twelve-month goals get lost in the shuffle.”

“With 90-day goals, you can’t slip up very much or else you are in jeopardy of missing it.”


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