Under New Management: Can Millennials Overcome The Stereotypes & Shine Bright In Leadership Roles?


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The reality is, Millennials are no longer the “new kids on the block” in the workforce. They are the majority, and even mid-career. Millennial are ages 27-43, prime ages to take on new managerial and leadership roles. It’s the “earning years” if you will. However, over the past decade, the conversation of Millennials in the workplace has been rife with misunderstanding. Stereotypes like entitlement, lack of commitment, resistance to adversity, etc. are all too easy to apply to an age demographic, and assumptions are aplenty. It is doubly difficult when the even the most talented among them struggle to garner the respect of older co-workers and direct reports, some of whom are more experienced than their Millennial boss. But there IS a way to turn the stereotypes on their head and find traction in today's marketplace. If Millennials go to the next level in self-awareness, they could very well be the necessary bridge between two generations (Boomers/Gen-X & Gen Z).
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