Why I Don't Dance


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Megan opens up about why she no longer dances. Plus, she talks about belonging and starting new chapters.

Show Notes:

[03:27] - Why Artists Make Art

[04:24] - Why Megan Doesn’t Dance

[06:27] - Overcoming Stage Fright

[09:49] - First Dance Vignette

[13:46] - Reinventing Yourself

[14:34] - Rigging the Dance System

[19:05] - Fitting In vs. Belonging

[25:00] - Megan’s College Shows

[29:07] - The Worst Hug

[36:55] - Career vs. Hobbies

[39:12] - Lessons From Netflix

[41:17] - Personal Dance Style

[45:42] - Megan’s Britney Spears Dance

[50:15] - Feeling Like A Fraud

[56:39] - The Last Dance

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