TEASER - 26: Rebels of the Neon God (with Ruairí McCann)


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Our first international guest, Belfast-based film critic and editor Ruairí McCann, joins the podcast to discuss the great Taiwanese filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang and his auspicious first feature, 1992’s Rebels of the Neon God, a film that took 23 years to get a North American release.

Rebels of the Neon God set the tone for Tsai Ming-liang's singular film career: his exploration of urban loneliness, the use of public and private spaces, and the beginning of his career-spanning work with actor Lee Kang-sheng, who was a teenager in this film and whose aging process into middle-age Tsai has been chronicling over the course of their partnership, in this most extraordinary ongoing collaboration between actor and director.

Ruairí and I discuss the evolution of Tsai as a filmmaker, his place within the Taiwanese New Wave (and his personal relationship with the legacy of the French New Wave), and I also talk with Ruairí about the recent riots that have been raging in Belfast, and how life in Northern Ireland has been during the pandemic.

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Ruairí has a lot on the go these days:

- Ultra Dogme, a film and music criticism website where he’s managing editor

- photogénie, a Belgium-based, internationally-run film periodical where he’s contributing editor

- Electric Ghost Magazine, a film essay and review website based in London, where he’s a staff critic and contributing editor

Ruairí’s recent piece on Tsai Ming-liang's recent film Days, for Ultra Dogme.

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