Nick Dies - Co-Founder, Partner, Partnerships Director at Funkhaus


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Talking Points:

  • Putting yourself in the user's shoes
  • Doing your work and asking questions
  • Interview preparation
  • Culture fit

Quotable Quotes:

  • “We don't want somebody that is just a doer without asking questions.” - ND
  • “I want people to always be wanting to improve themselves and challenge themselves.” - ND
  • “Be willing to...say, "I think this can be done better", but you don't want to dig in so hard that it becomes negative energy.” - ND
  • “If I'm looking at developer candidates...I'm looking for…do they care about what we're doing? Are they interested in the work.’” - ND
  • “[preparing for interviews] Do a deep dive on this company and understand what they're about.” - ND
  • “Even if they might not have a job posting...reach out and say…”I would love to talk.” - ND
  • “If you've spent the time to care about the company, there's more conversation [in an interview].” - ND


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