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Talking Points:

  • The disadvantage that Juniors developers have
  • Focus on the actual goal
  • Take your career to the next level

Quotable Quotes:

  • "Through mentorship programs and developer events that I run, I recognize that the biggest disadvantage that Juniors developers have is not technical expertise"
  • "Tools, libraries, technologies, frameworks, languages, they all change so fast"
  • "The disadvantage that Juniors devs have is that they don't know how more Senior engineers and managers think"
  • "That's really what I hope [the how] these interviews have given you, a window into the minds of tech leads, hiring managers, and CTOs"
  • "Over the previous something 60 episodes we've also covered some specific techniques you could put into practice to immediately be seen and treated as more senior by recruiters, hiring managers and teammates"
  • "I also hope that if you've taken away nothing else is that your ability to code and create software is only valuable if you're using it to help others or make them more productive"
  • "Look past your tools, your editor, your programming language, and whatever framework is popular by the time you are listening to this"
  • "It should be the actual goal or result that needs to be achieved, that's what should've kept in your mind"
  • "Often the best solution involves no code at all"
  • "Thanks for listening, I hope you take your career to the next level, and let me know how it goes"

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