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Talking Points:

  • Open-source contributions
  • Working with workflows
  • Promoting open-source projects
  • Networking
  • Founder’s mindset

Quotable Quotes:

  • "Getting involved with open-source can definitely make your development more visible" - AP
  • "A lot of the opportunities that I've had in my life often come down to networking, and open-source is no exception to that" – AP
    "I've always generally been a proponent of just being exposed to lots of different ways to thinking or ways of working, that makes you more adaptable" – AP
  • "That was really kind of the start of it [open-source] for me, just having tools I was building and using myself" – AP
  • "[Canonical advice for getting started on open-source] Find a smallish but still used project, use it, try to use it in something, figure out where the gaps are in either documentation or tests or examples […] and do a small (as small as you can) PR" – DG
  • "[Another approach] Trying to do your own project and see what it's like to sort of packaging all up and trying to have like a very complete but again small project that checks all the boxes" – DG
  • "Go talk to people, go ask" – AP
  • "It doesn't matter how busy a person is if you very genuinely just ask [to connect with them]" – AP
  • "Think about who may be the dream person that you’d want to go to for advice and then just try it" – AP
  • "I think that just about everyone should care about the other parts of the business where you work" – AP




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