Ep 66: Do This When Your Monkey Brain Is On Over-Drive


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This week we continue the conversation about fear and love. How do we let love lead when fear is the overwhelming emotion? How do you calm the animal brain so you can relax and take action from love?The truth is fear rises in many situations - whether it’s actual danger, perceived danger, or even the fear of judgment. So you need a process to take you from fear to peace. From fear to calm. From fear to love.Listen to the full episode to find out 4 steps to take when your monkey brain freaks out! Whether you worry about your preschooler or your adult child … whether you worry about not being good enough, or if you worry about the unknown when you make a big decision or create change in your life, this episode is for you. Listen to the full episode at the link in my bio @rachaelcunninghamcoaching#womenshealth #loveoverfear #marriage #parenting #lettinggo #lowenergy #selfcare #marriedlifebelike #mentalhealth #emotionalheal #lifecoach #lcscoach #womenscoach #relationshipcoach #marriagetips #overwhelmed #hustle #slowdown #listentoyourbody #thoughtsmatter #thoughtwork #monkeybrain #survivalbrain #listen Get full show notes and more information here: https://www.rachaelcunningham.com/podcast/ep_65/

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