Out for Revenge


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Jollyland is back with Season 2 and we are excited to continue our story right where we left it off at. Marky’s mom punched Principal Carter in the face and she may get arrested.

Hans Trapp is out for revenge and teams up with Krampus to capture their last 2 kids: Marky & Gracie. However, Krampus doesn’t see Marky on the list.

Cindy tries to avoid arrest and while telling Marky to go try to find his brothers, she notices he has the book “The Legend of Krampus.”

Benjamin Sutton offers Marky a ride home and to sleepover, but Amanda and Gracie offer Marky a ride to Winterfest.

Betty returns back to Jollyland and demands Prince Able to help. La Befana learns from Emily and Henry that there are two monsters, not one — and they need to figure out who he is before it’s too late.

The 5th of December is coming soon. What will the kids do? Will the Legend of Krampus book keep them safe? Will Emily and Henry ever find Justin?

Listen to find out more. Listener discretion is advised.

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Written by Marc Shawn Serrano, Marie Harris Katz and The Vocalizers.

Directed, Produced and Edited by Marc Shawn Serrano and Marie Harris Katz.

Listen and read with the script here: Out for Revenge.

This is a fictional story, inspired by the legend of Krampus and Hans Trapp.

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