#472: Redefining the Midlife Male w/ Greg Scheinman


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Greg Scheinman is a performance coach, speaker, and bestselling author. As an entrepreneur he built and sold two successful businesses, and was a multimillion producer for one of the largest insurance firms in the US.

He's a husband, father, 2x winner of the D10 Decathlon, and is the founder and face of the Midlife Male; a media company that reaches a weekly audience of 15,000 high-earning men.

Midlife and crisis don't have to be synonymous, and he's here today to help you live your best life in your 40s, 50s, and beyond.

  • What's more important: the journey or the outcome? [4:10]
  • The simple way to shift your perspective when it comes to food and other vices? [14:48]
  • The 6 Fs of fulfillment? [29:12]
  • How to overcome insecurities, be more confident, and live an authentic life? [37:06]
  • Are you taking action or making progress? [43:21]
  • What is ROL and how can it lead you to happiness? [46:52]
  • How can developing a personal operating system lead you to the life you desire? [50:12]


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