#465: Should You be Bulking & Cutting?


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Don't have above average genetics?

Bulk, cut, cut, bulk...

You know the struggle.

I know the struggle.

I overcame shitty genetics, and a lot of my clients have as well.

So what's the key to adding size?

Listen to find out:

  • Bulking/Cutting - the backbone of great gains? [3:37]
  • How to get maximal results from a 3-day split? [12:41]
  • What does it take to build a badass gym? [19:18]
  • Is the Iron Neck a worthwhile investment? [28:06]
  • What's the quickest path from desk job to trainer? [30:50]
  • Machines or free weights? [38:04]
  • Is there a problem with doing pull/chinups everyday? [39:35]


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