#461: How to Break Frustrating Plateaus


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You guys continue to bring the heat with questions, and I'm back today with more of the answers.

Listen and learn:

  • How can you improve your mind-muscle connection when training back? [2:13]
  • Should you be eating dairy? [4:24]
  • What can you do to eliminate bloating? [6:10]
  • What to do for a stronger, thicker back? [7:40]
  • Tips for training through injuries? [10:18]
  • My favorite exercises for improving explosiveness? [14:44]
  • Can playing sports replace conditioning? [17:12]
  • Are there benefits to circuit training? [18:11]
  • How to get past a plateau in weight loss? [26:16]
  • Who are some good resources for breath work? [28:40]
  • What's the #1 superfood? [30:28]


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