#455: WARNING: These Household Items Are Killing You


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Are you among the millions of consumers unknowingly killing themselves with the products they use on a daily basis?


From deodorant to cleaning supplies, most products on the market contain garbage ingredients that are disrupting your endocrine system, increasing your estrogen levels, and exposing you to countless other negative effects that are killing you softly.

On today's episode, I've got the ingredients you should be avoiding to change that. Some tips to detoxify your body. Oh, and of course, more of your questions answered.

  • Are there benefits to drinking coffee? [1:42]
  • How should you train if you're just getting started? [4:42]
  • Does the type of deodorant you use matter? [7:35]
  • What is the best squatting exercise? [13:26]
  • What chemicals and toxins should you be avoiding? [16:32]
  • What does a rest day look like? [19:28]
  • What songs are on my morning playlist? [21:44]


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