#449: How To Get Chiseled Abs, Thrive Through Uncertainty, and The Top-5 Exercises for Bigger Biceps


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The difference between the reflection you see in the mirror, and the person you want to become, is the choices you make each day.

Far too often I hear guys say they want to look like they're fresh out of NFL training camp when they take off their shirt. But they're eating and drinking like the junior varsity offensive line coach who still fantasizes about his not so glorious, glory days.

Your goals must align with your actions. And your actions must align with your words.

If not, you're wasting your time and the time of everyone around you.

We've all been there. And I've got the answers you need in today's Q&A...

  • The secret to developing abs like a MMA fighter? [4:30]
  • How to improve your vertical jump and maintain explosiveness as you get older? [9:56]
  • The most important skill for you to develop outside of the gym? [12:58]
  • Can you progressively overload dumbbells if you only have 5 lb. increments? [14:30]
  • What are the Top-5 bicep exercises? [17:40]
  • Is it possible to make pushups better for hypertrophy? [20:52]
  • Is there an optimal angle to get the most out of pressing exercises? [25:38]
  • What are the best exercises to alleviate knee pain? [28:51]
  • How can hardgainers get jacked and lean? [33:02]


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