#447: The Perfect Training Split to Get Strong & Shredded


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I'm often asked, "what's the best training split?"

The simple answer?

The one you enjoy.

The split is meaningless if you're not locked in or are skipping workouts because you dread going to the gym.

Now figuring out how to effectively design a particular program, maximize muscle growth, and minimize injuries? A little more complex. But I'm back with another Q&A where I break it all down for you and answer a few more questions like:

  • What's the best training split for maximum muscle? [5:41]
  • 5 ways to immediately improve your barbell back squats. [7:44]
  • What simple changes can you make in your daily life to increase longevity? [10:11]
  • What goes in to designing an effective full-body program? [11:58]
  • Can diet alone improve your skin health? [21:06]
  • How do you reduce feeling full but still hit protein goals? [22:58]
  • What's the best way to adopt new habits and become a more positive influence to others? [25:09]
  • How can you reduce overuse injuries? [29:47]
  • What's my favorite side delt exercise? [32:55]


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