#433: Pre-Workout Supps, Pain-Free Pressing, and Dieting Made Easy


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Is there a better pre-workout supplement than coffee?

What exactly should you be eating pre-workout? Intra? Post?

Is there a simple way to get jacked without obsessing over macros?

The answers to these questions, and more, in today's Q&A.

  • The simplest approach to dieting [4:45]
  • Everything you need to know about sled work. [9:15]
  • The key to properly sequencing squats. [12:27]
  • A quick trick to alleviate neck pain while pressing. [14:46]
  • The best (and worst) thing you can do after training. [16:25]
  • Why deadlifting with a mixed grip is a terrible idea. [23:36]
  • How to increase shoulder frequency without causing elbow issues. [27:01]
  • The ultimate guide to pre, intra, and post-workout meals. [31:19]
  • 2 reasons you shouldn't take pre-workout supplements. [35:15]
  • Is training frequency overrated? [38:22]

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