#430: The #1 Key Ingredient to Health & Happiness


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It's tough to top iron therapy.

That said, nothing I've found compares to this when it comes to health and happiness. You won't believe how this simple change can bring you health, wealth, and longevity.

And it can be had whether you're in or out of the gym.

Listen and learn my key to happiness, the holy grail of training, the best dumbbell squat variations, and more, in today's Q&A episode.

  • What are the best DB squat variations? [6:22]
  • One of the best lifting splits there is. [9:45]
  • How should you train when recovering from an injury? [12:05]
  • The most important thing you can do to increase happiness and longevity. [13:37]
  • The truth about pullups and how to get around it. [21:18]
  • Should you feel lightheaded after a hard work set? [23:23]
  • What is junk volume? [24:52]
  • A few tips to improve mind-muscle connection and recruit more muscle fibers. [31:00]
  • What's the best tricep exercise? [36:18]
  • The holy grail of training. [40:52]
  • Who are my top-5 rap groups? [44:05]


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