78[✐1.2] Maybe (tabun), I knew it! (yappari)


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[✐1.Adagio, 2 Andante]
“Maybe I’m OK. … After all, please help me.”
Hello everyone. Sometimes we cannot say (clearly) yes or no, can we? Then, use “tabun (=maybe, I think)”.
Repeat after me
1. Maybe it’s tomorrow.
2. Maybe I don’t need it.
3. Maybe I don’t buy.
4. Maybe I know.
5. Maybe it’s good, I think.
6. Maybe I’m fine/it’s OK.
Please answer as follows, For example,
Whose smart phone is this? Cook san
→ Maybe it’s Cook san’s. Ready?
1. When is the deadline? tomorrow
→ I think it’s tomorrow.
2. Do we need an umbrella today? don’t need it
→ Maybe we don’t need it.
3. Are you going to buy a new refrigerator? don’t buy yet
→ Maybe I won’t buy it yet.
4. Do you know how to ride the bus? I know
→ I think I know (I should be fine).
5. Can I eat this? I think you can
→ I think you can eat it.
6. Can you catch the plane? OK (will be in time)
→ Maybe it’s OK (I think I can make it in time).
How is it? So far so good? Let’s continue a little bit.
1. Whose jacket is this? our teacher
→ Maybe it’s our teacher’s.
2. How much is this brochure? free of charge
→ Maybe it’s free.
3. Has Bucho (manager) already gone home? not yet
→ Maybe, not yet.
4. Until when is the restaurant (open)? 11 pm
→ Maybe, until 11 pm.
5. Is Shacho (president) coming to the drinking party? not come
→ Maybe, s/he’s not coming.
By the way, if you see someone in trouble, try to ask “daijoubu desuka(Are you OK)?”
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