You Can't Fire Me! (w/lawyer Atsuro Tsujino)


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Attn: Non-Japanese employees in Japan who are likely to be fired! Atsuro Tsujino, member of the Japan Lawyers Network for Foreigners tells us how two wrongs might not make a right, but YOUR rights might make your termination wrongful. Everything you need to know about your rights under Japanese law, and what to do if you find yourself the victim of harassment or wrongful termination in Japan.

Ollie uses the skills he picked up bankrupting hedge funds to help you get cheaper river cruise tickets.

Bobby showcases a River Cruise chain that can do some amazing things with a handful of high-quality digital photos of your living room.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:

  • A Classified Ad that we hereby officially retract. Everything's worked out totally fine.
  • How the Tokyo Olympic 2020 contract with the IOC works
  • The REAL REASON Tokyo has decided not cancel the Olympics so far
  • The new Olympic event that no one expected to see on the roster
  • JBRC Press Club Reporting on the ex-director of Amnesty Japan and his lawsuit against Amnesty for wrongful termination
  • The 80,000 plus people who have lost their jobs because of the corona pandemic, and how this has affected the need for legal representation against wrongful termination
  • The tough situations that business find themselves in during the pandemic, and what exactly is it that they NOT allowed to do
  • What criteria do they have to satisfy to be able to RIGHTFULLY fire you
  • The gap between how foreigners FEEL about exercising their rights, how trying to do so plays out in real life, and the protections that they are legally afforded
  • What Bobby thinks about who employment law works for in the US, and how different that is in Japan
  • How Japanese courts decide whether or not a termination is "fair"
  • How laying off the foreign employees first, just because they're foreign
  • The tactic Japanese companies use to try to get around wrongful termination issues
  • How much is comprehension considered when looking at contracts across languages?
  • How have Ollie and Atsuro experienced Japanese companies looking to exploit foreign lack of comprehension?
  • The sketchy real estate agency that brought a knife to a gun fight with Ollie
  • Who tends to be most victimized by unethical labor practices in Japan?
  • The power imbalance that makes it hard for foreign employees to fight against exploitation
  • The problem with having a Support Network that people don't know about or don't feel comfortable relying on
  • The burden of proof in harassment cases
  • What your rights are as a job-seeker, or as someone who got their job offer cancelled
  • To what extent private enterprises ARE allowed to discriminate against non-Japanese
  • What your rights are when your job responsibilities change mid employment
  • Something you'll never EVER believe about how the law treats "non-productive work" in Japan
  • Fees, Fees, Fees
  • Atsuro's BEST advice for anyone facing a potential wrongful termination (even if it's just the termination of your Public Broadcasting service)

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Topics discussed on the extras include:

  • What exactly it was that first showed Atsuro the need for non-Japanese people to have legal representation in Japan
  • Bobby's anxiety about having all of his retirement investment done in his wife's name
  • The INSANE condition that Bobby would have to satisfy to get that money back if he ever gets divorced
  • Whether or not the podcast would be admissible as evidence
  • Japan's outdated ideas about gender roles and how they effect divorce law/alimony
  • Why it's culturally difficult to talk about the possibility of divorce in Japan
  • What you call a non pre pre-nup
  • The idea of a fixed-term marriage contract
  • The difference between attitudes towards divorce in Japan, both pre and post marriage
  • How Westerners approach specificity in contractual obligations
  • How Japan focuses on mediation/negotiation instead of litigation
  • Situations in which "foreigners" want to go to court over stuff that Japan doesn't think you need court for
  • What's harassment and what's just Japan being Japan
  • How both sides tend to lose in lawsuits in Japan
  • A comparison of American and Japanese Lawyer's fees

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