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Co-host of "The Konnichiwa Podcast" Dan Yoder trades tips with Bobby on how to raise the perfect multicultural, well-rounded, native-level bilingual children in an episode that might AGE HORRIBLY. Listen now, then check back in 10-15 years to find out.

Ollie recommends a river cruise that maybe should have been included on our vaccine ep with Lisa Du.

Bobby looks at a how the JET Programme's first foray into the River Cruise industry is more of the same from them.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:

  • The best childcare gear brand to show off your Dad-skills
  • How often Dan washes his hands (for the first ever SOAPY soap talk)
  • What Dan's podcast "The Konnichiwa Podcast" sets out to do and accomplishes
  • How the bilingual conversations on that podcast are great ways to simulate real world language training
  • The benefits of having a family vs. not
  • How non-traditionally Japanese families and children are starting to be featured more in the media
  • How Dan feels about introducing Ollie to his progeny
  • When the student becomes the teacher in terms of bilingual families
  • How you can't always tell if kids are bad at language because they're not getting the right education... or because they're kids
  • The unique situation Dan is in, re: English/Japanese bilingualism
  • How the cultural background your raised with affects the
  • How people try to have a 100% English home-environment, and whether or not that division is something we should try for
  • How Dan tries to support his daughters bilingual upbringing
  • How having lived in Japan when he was a child gave Dan an insight into his daughter's experiences
  • The cons of International School if you're living in Japan
  • Blaming your parents for not making sure you learned stuff
  • The expectations placed on "international families"
  • How to balance parenting with your child's right to choose
  • How mixed-race children in Japan deal with the way Japan sees them
  • White people complaining about being discriminated against in Japan
  • The double-edged sword of "wanting attention" versus "getting unwanted attention"
  • What Dan would LIKE to incorporate about Japanese culture into his parenting
  • How to supplement a child's moral and social upbringing in a country that's a bit behind on things like gender equality or diversity and inclusion issues

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Topics discussed on the Extras:

  • The Koni-pod origin story and how it's seeming consistency is by design
  • What goes into working out a good podcast formula
  • Bobby and Ollie's toxic-masculine dynamic
  • Pros and cons of WILD SHIFTS in conversation topics
  • Genocide
  • Domestic terrorism
  • When, exactly, "genocide" really got going
  • Why people kill other people
  • Balancing podcasting with parenting
  • What Dan's daughter have in common with Joe and Caseys' wives
  • How merch complicates your podcast business relationship
  • The podcast New Year's cards
  • The start-up Dan founded with his brother and how they've navigated the pandemic
  • How covid related pivots have worked out better for some businesses than others
  • What Ollie and Dan think of Fukuoka's startup ecosystem
  • How murder and disaster followed Ollie around Fukuoka

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