What is Visual Kei? (w/Sarahphina)


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Music industry and Visual Kei Insider Sarahphina teaches Bobby and Ollie about stuff they're totally unfamiliar with, like X Japan, Japanese rock fandom and humility.

Ollie looks into a river cruise dating service for vaccinated singles. All ten of them.

Bobby organizes the kind of tourist activities HE wants the foreign Olympic athletes to experience.

Topics discussed on this episode include:

  • This Tweet
  • Ollie's lack of decoration and decorum
  • Sarahphina's amazing cottage core interior design
  • Sarahphina's efforts to connect and protect the modeling/talent community in Tokyo and why it's sadly necessary
  • Some uncharacteristic positivity re: people, their dreams, and helping to achieve them
  • Our continued success as a web-based River Cruise podcast
  • Why and how YOU should "do the needful" and join as a member
  • The anniversary of the death of Hide, and why he was the reason for Sarahphina's entire decision to come to Japan
  • Hide's work and career, why his fans are so passionate, and how X Japan created the genre of Visual Kei
  • What Visual Kei meant when it started, who coined it, and how it's evolved
  • The western inspirations for Visual Kei
  • Why androgyny and make-up and beauty is an element built into Visual Kei
  • Gatekeeping and faction-based elitism in the Visual Kei fandom
  • How Nocturnal Bloodlust used Visual Kei to build a fanbase so they could stop being Visual Kei
  • Gackt and Roland, and creating a public persona based on luxury, wealth, and beauty, much like Bobby and Ollie have done
  • Different portrayals of masculinity from Culture to Culture
  • What could Hide have accomplished had he lived, and what his goals may have been
  • How Hide's work spanned all kinds of creative fields, and how that continues to inspire people
  • What happens when famous creatives decide what projects to take on or who to work with based on evaluating their quality or ability, and not just how famous they are
  • Whether or not there is anything notably unique about FANDOM in Japan, and how Visual Kei helped create more of an interactive commercial based fandom
  • Crossover between Visual Kei and Idol marketing, and how Bobby and Ollie might be able to implement some of those techniques
  • (Get ready to buy random polaroids of us, some of which might be our members.)

Topics discussed in the extras include

  • How 'Cycle Around Japan' coped with the restrictions that meant you could no longer cycle around Japan.
  • The lame thing Sarahphina does to work out.
  • Ollie's Covid-safe approach to exercise.
  • How Ollie tested his theory that spin instructors don't listen.
  • Saraphina discusses how if you left her in the middle of some woods she'd survive.
  • Why Saraphina had a bear in the back of her truck, and why that was fine.
  • A discussion about Mary Had a Little Lamb, and other bangers.
  • The Tokyo wilderness, and a Nagano from Tokyo hike.
  • How Sarahphina got the 'Cycle Around Japan' gig, and what is required of the presenters.
  • Sarahphina's zombie apocalypse survival plan.
  • Some first-hand evidence as to why Japan isn't as safe as people claim.

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