"Sustainable Japan Comedy," or "Recycling Content" (w/Dogen)


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Dogen drops by to talk about keeping professional and personal separate, how to mine the same old Japan for new jokes, and to settle the issue of whether or not sarcasm exists in Japan, which is great, because NO ONE ELSE has EVER had ANYTHING to say about it.

Ollie recommends a River Cruise that teaches the traditional Japanese custom of "commercialism."

Bobby finds out what's gonna happen to all of those bafflingly useless technological marvels from SoftBank.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:

  • Dogen's views on our recent vial tweet where we cleverly juxtaposed the Japanese not using sarcasm and the Japanese people complementing foreigners when they speak Japanese.
  • Building jokes with the theme of tatemai v. honnne
  • How sarcasm might be used differently in the west
  • How sarcasm is actually used in Japanese comedy
  • How we plan to infringe Dogen's copyright with some new merch
  • How to create comedy content in Japan
  • How Dogen started out on YouTube, and the "years of failure" before.
  • Dogen's online strategy of having his social media as a portfolio rather than a diary
  • How Dogen comes up with a viral tweet joke, and the process behind it
  • Using social media as means to generate customers, and knowing your market
  • Dogen's reluctance to share his personal life in his social media
  • Ethical dilemmas relating to putting your family on social media
  • Conflation of content and personal life and standards of acceptable behaviour that audiences demand of content creators
  • How the same topics are addressed by content creators, and what value that provides
  • What a saturated market means for content quality
  • Bobby's explanation of why he has no qualms at all with newer, younger, better looking, and more talented YouTubers creating more successful and better content than he made ages ago.
  • How comedy translates

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