Paralimited Access (w/Mark Bookman)


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Disability activist and historian Mark Bookman talks about how accessibility progress is bolstered by the international spotlight of the Paralympics but hampered by the lack of accessibility at the policy-making table.

Ollie interrogates the patriarchy.

Bobby seems pretty consumed by his anxiety about how much time we have left.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:

  • Ollie's disastrous start to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and how a Brian intervened to save the Day
  • How AirBNB does in terms of accessibility
  • How Japan travel accommodations do with accessibility overall
  • What Mark's work as a disability activist entails, and how his daily life and interactions inform his activism
  • The concrete web of support that's required to make a disabled person's
  • The challenging of advocating for people with invisible disabilities in Japan
  • The importance of inclusivity in accessibility conversations
  • The Paralympics as an opportunity to reflect and improve on accessibility
  • How Corona has illustrated some of Japan's social barriers to accessibility
  • Japan's over-reliance on care networks for disable people
  • How Japan's aging population and shortage of caregivers highlights disability and accessibility issues
  • The chance that the Paralympics offers to address some of these issues
  • How incredibly sporty we all are
  • Mark's experience being consulted by the Japanese government to work on accessibility issues
  • How Japan's attitude towards accessibility compares to other countries
  • Japan's legal history around accessibility
  • How transportation accessibility has rippled out to other areas
  • How Japan's inclusion TARGETS set them apart from other countries
  • A brief history of Japanese disability welfare laws and where they excel
  • WHY they excel in those areas
  • Disability visibility in government, and how it affects public perception
  • Japan's history of high-profiled disability
  • How the Paralympics can function to create "undesirable accessibility"
  • How the Paralympics can be helpful to some and harmful to others
  • Some really disastrously bad Paralympic advertising messaging
  • What Mark tells a government when they ask what they should do
  • Why the government needs to do more than just ask Mark what they should do

Topics discussed on the extras include:

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Content links:

Mark's Ted Talk: Paralympics as Possibility: The Past, Present, and Future of Accessibility in Japan
Article on Covid-19:
The Coronavirus Crisis: Disability Politics and Activism in Contemporary Japan
Accessibility Mapping Project

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