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Author of the new book, "An Affair with a Village" and leading UK expert on Japan, Joy Hendry joins us to discuss a whole variety of things, like MEXT Scholarships, marriage, and other things that end up letting us down.

Ollie gets Scandinavian with it.

Bobby is surprised to find out there are as many as two.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:

  • How the current entry ban is affecting Academia
  • Joy's perspective on the situation as someone who's been doing fieldwork in Japan for 50 years
  • Another historical entry ban and it's effects, and the story of Ron Dore
  • What Joy thinks people can do in the interim
  • Actions people are taking now to deal with it
  • The Twitter response, and the twitter activism
  • The awesome resource share project some Twitter academics are undertaking
  • The network and community building that's occurring
  • The way the internet has changed Japan-research, and what Joy's earliest Japan fieldwork experiences were like
  • Joy's book An Affair With a Village
  • How an anthropologist approaches and analyzes the things that all foreign residents of Japan live with
  • Why Japan thinks we can't sort our rubbish
  • Potential conflicts of interest and how anthropologists avoid moral judgements
  • How Joy chose what village to study
  • Joy's work studying the types of marriages, marriage by introduction and "love marriages"
  • What Japan thinks is an incredibly important thing to do for anyone during research in the field in Japan
  • How LONG AGO was the 1970s in terms of what things were like in Japan
  • Love hotels, and what people who lived in communal family country homes before love hotels
  • The tradition of "night-creeping" and the woman who told her "night-creeping" story to Joy
  • The shift from "introductions" to "love marriages" during the time when Joy was researching it and how the delineations between the two weren't always clear
  • Bobby's strategy in getting his wife's family's permission to marry their daughter
  • How deeply marriage and other life events are tied to the Japanese idea of "continuing the line of the house" and carrying on the family business
  • Marriage as the longest-form of anthropological research

This week's extras feature lots more insights from Joy and her years of work. From religion in Japan, to generational change, rules of engagement for anthropologists, and more!

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An Affair With a Village

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