Locked Out of our $500 Abandoned House (w/Alex Kerr)


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Author Alex Kerr may be single-handedly responsible for the current global spotlight on restoring old Japanese country homes, so we talk to him about how these homes may be at the forefront of a new style of Japan tourism... if tourism in Japan ever happens again.

Ollie shows us how YOU can go home again, as long as you do it by river cruise.

Bobby's pleased to see more Japanese river cruise companies adopting American business practices re:COVID-19.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:

  • New Japan Post policies
  • Our goals for season 4 which starts just now
  • Bobby gets some advice from Alex about making Japanese houses livable
  • Old styles of Japanese house construction, and the challenge of respecting the construction while keeping the house WARM enough for humans
  • Catching up with listener messages
  • The continuing strict foreign entry rules and how the tourism industry is weathering things
  • Domestic vs foreign tourism, and how tourism has picked up in more minor areas BECAUSE of Covid
  • What Alex thinks of the overwhelming Japanese public support of the foreign entry ban
  • Alex's take on Japan's pandemic response
  • The AKIYA(abandoned house) BOOM and what Alex thinks of the global attention to the movement he started
  • Akiya as social problem and Japanese cultural heritage
  • A major MYTH about Japanese architecture
  • Is the Akiya attention in the media birthing new myths about Japan?
  • The reality of buying the 5 dollar country house
  • How much of future tourism in Japan will involve properties like this?
  • An update on Alex's thinking on construction development in Japan since "Dogs and Demons" featuring the development of Yoyogi Park
  • Why there isn't more pro-preservation activism in Japan?
  • The paradox of Japan taking pride in its nature and history while actively destroying it.
  • When Buddhism backfires

This week's extras feature lots more insights from Alex about Buddhism, tourism, and life between Thailand and Japan. Plus, is it true

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