Bursting the Press Bubble (w/Oscar Boyd)


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The Olympics have begun, but more importantly, the MEDIA COVERAGE OF THE OLYMPICS HAS BEGUN! Officially accredited press person Oscar Boyd tells us about all of the rules the press are ignoring, and why he's rooting for American Samoa.

Ollie recommends an Amazon sponsored river cruise that helps teach you how to save the planet, while having one foot out the backdoor.

Bobby cleans up some poop.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:

  • How Oscar broke both his arms
  • The stress of being a gaijin while injured at a hospital
  • Ollie's fast approaching Edinburgh Fringe residency, and the FANTASTIC poster he's produced for his new show.
  • Ollie's previous Fringe shows and, much like this very podcast, the ambiguous reviews
  • What's it like to be part of the media team covering the Olympics
  • The Olympic Press Bubble
  • How Oscar ended up being the official journalist for the American Samoan team
  • How many foreign visitors are in Japan for the Olympics, and ARE THERE too many journalists?
  • What are the journalists actually doing?
  • The guidelines released for foreign journalists based on what kind of contact you have with athletes, and the PCR testing regimen
  • Where did all these PCR tests come from?
  • The Japanese media reporting on the foreign Olympic media
  • Oscar's impressions of how seriously the foreign press is taking Japan's pandemic situation
  • What Oscar thinks cause the apathy towards Japan's rules, (where it does exist)
  • How more foreign media in Japan means more stereotypical Japan trope stories
  • Anti-sex beds and why that non-story might have been particularly primed to spread
  • Why the media might be focused on these kinds of random angles
  • The Olympic condoms thing
  • Athletes and media personalities popping up on dating apps, and trying to HIDE their Olympic affiliation
  • How one of the angles in the reporting is the "Fire Festival" nature of Japan's welcome wagon
  • Will there be fallout for Japan long term after hosting a disastrous Olympics

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Topics discussed on the extras include:

  • More amazing insights from Oscar on the heat
  • Climate change
  • and how the Olympics might inspire change

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