All in the Same Boat, But We're in Steerage (w/Thalia Harris)


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Thalia Harris stops by to talk about second-class citizenship in Japan during the pandemic, and also has such an interesting story about the Titanic that we had NO CHOICE but to actually talk about a cruise ship.

Ollie recommends a ship that will have to change its name now.

Bobby thinks Maezawa Yuusaku is wasting his money.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:

  • The Netflix Cobbo Beebo Remake, and how, boy, oh boy, it sure is something.
  • Brian's prospects
  • How Thalia got involved with Unseen Japan
  • The way Unseen Japan is placed within the "journalistic/social advocacy" content creation environment
  • Token White People
  • Striking the balance between celebrating and criticizing Japan
  • Fun with Homonyms! Ollie finds out about the word "ofay" and Thalia and Bobby learn the word "au faits"
  • What were the breaking points for foreigners in Japan during the pandemic?
  • The personal and political desire to be able to have access to your home country/culture
  • Whether or not we're going home for the holidays this year
  • Micro-aggggggresssssssssioonnnnnnnnsssssss
  • Travel logistics
  • The recipe for Japan's ineptitude cocktail
  • Any positives to not having new incoming crops of foreigns?
  • How informed are the folks who dream of moving to Japan?
  • What's the generation cycle of new incoming g-folk?
  • People going to Korea or China instead of Japan

Topics covered in the Extras include:

  • Thanksgivings
  • The most labor intensive kind of vacation
  • How many podcasts do we even have any more?
  • Whether or not we listen to ourselves and how our shows age
  • Some of our more recent episodes, and whether or not we've gotten better at talking to guests
  • Bobby's Battle over his Mic Boom Arm

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What is My Worth as a Foreigner in Japan?

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