Episode 158 Empathic Assessment…Starring Liz Jorgensen


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Liz Jorgensen is an all star high school English teacher from Wisconsin. Her brand new book
Hacking Student Learning Habits just hit Amazon’s virtual shelves. I’m confident that you’ll be inspired to check out this book after listening to this interview. Liz articulates how she utilizes empathy to inspire learning. We also talk a lot about assessment—hence the title of this podcast episode. What I particularly love about Liz is that she’s not self-promotional. She supplies oodles of examples of inspirational tactics from various subjects and grade levels.
You’ll hear us discuss:
why she decided to write the book
her ideas on assessment
how to help students thrive
inspiring intrinsic motivation
student feedback
authentic purpose
growth mindset
Just maybe, Liz has an idea that’ll transform your classroom. So sit back and absorb and consider.

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