Episode 152 Educator Consumer Feedback...Starring Collin Jewett


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I’m going to describe a student. I’ll bet you can picture one similar. This kid seems unenthused by many of the prompts and activities that are issued or done in class. It isn’t that they are incapable, in fact just the opposite. They master directives quickly and effortlessly. Unfortunately, they complete their efforts without much enthusiasm. The student feels stuck in the endless wave of mundane requirements that overpopulate the typical k12 experience. They are disillusioned with the one size fits all approach to education.
I’ll bet you can think of a student like this. Picture that young person in your mind. I’ll bet you worked hard to personalize this their instruction to give them room to grow and explore. Such efforts on your part are noble and I applaud you for it. But the fact remains that we probably don’t offer students enough intellectual freedom. We probably don’t leverage curiosity enough.
And this dear listener is where Collin Jewett makes a dramatic appearance. Collin was a classic bored student, but he doesn’t come to my podcast to vent. He’ll vent a little, but he’s more interested in helping. Think of Collin as a customer who actually completes a consumer feedback prompt and does so in the spirit of constructive criticism. We can learn a lot from students and former students like Collin if we have the courage and humility to listen.

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