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Does the definition of success change based on the industry you're in or your gender?

There are stories that go around that say that women don't support women yet from all the interviews I've done, and my experiences in the tech and business worlds, I've found that that is not the truth. I found that more women support women then we are led to believe. My guest today lives and breathes her philosophy that success is not about external trappings and that if we learn to get clear to determine what it is we truly want and align our internal and external lives with that, then happiness and success can be achieved.

Nicole Scheffler is a woman in tech, although like many of us women in tech, she just prefers to say she's in tech and forget adding the woman part. Nicole has spent much of her career helping others succeed as she succeeded.

On today's episode Nicole and I talk about success, lifting other people up, and the questions she asks herself to align herself with her own definition of success.

Nicole Scheffler is a Tech Diva dedicated to sparking success for women in technology careers – women who are working to own their career success and realize impact in a male-dominated field. Nicole empowers women with proven success principles to help them define their aspirations, goals, and boost their daily contributions in the digital world. Applying more than 16 years’ experience in a fast-paced technology career, the wisdom featured in her best-selling “Pillars of Success” book with Jack Canfield, and hundreds of hours interviewing women in tech on her podcasts, Nicole provides a clear success framework for women in all stages of their tech careers. Her courses, content, and speaking, help tech divas fires burn brighter.

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