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What do you call someone who is a Hip Hop artist, Yoga instructor, helps companies and individual create their brands and tell their stories? I call him Rajiv Nathan.

Known as the Startup Hypeman in the world of startup pitching for funding, Rajiv Nathan AKA RajNation, spends his time helping companies of all sizes tell their stories. Not just for venture capital funding but also to their future customers and existing staff.

On this episode Rajiv shares how he uses all of his own story as a rapper, yoga teacher, MMA emcee and entrepreneur to help others excel in all they do. He exemplifies his belief that you can turn everything you enjoy into a career, without burnout! One key? Understanding and communicating your POV.

Known as the Heavyweight Champion of Story, Rajiv 'RajNATION' Nathan is Founder of Startup Hypeman, helping growing companies not suck at telling their story so they stand out to their audience, stand apart from competitors, and break through in their category. He was named an "Agent of Change" by Huffington Post, has given a TED Talk, and been featured in Inc, Forbes, and more. He's also a hip hop artist, yoga instructor, and host of the popular show Startup Hypeman: The Podcast.

Talk to him about Hamilton, WWE, or Seinfeld and you'll have a friend for life. www.startuphypeman.com

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