From International Trade Leader to a Life filled with BEE Mindfulness - Denise Thomas


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How dealing with world leaders caused Denise Thomas to develop BEE Mindfulness methods to change lives and reduce stress.

If you thinking putting deals together for just your business can be stressful imagine traveling all over the world to put together trade agreements with world and religious leaders, politicians at all levels and more. And then picture doing all that while living in your home with several generations of family.

Take a listen as Denise shares the questions she asks herself, how she strives to live her life in its natural rhythm and silence is a gift we give ourselves.

For more than two decades Denise Thomas has proven a dynamic auditor and extraordinarily compassionate leader. She lives and works from heart center that allows her to maneuver with easy through global diplomatic waters. She has engaged ambassadors, heads of state, top religious leaders, senators, business executives and other key leaders both globally and domestically to achieve strategic objectives, guide community leaders, and build successful enterprises including advising on strategic growth, foreign business development and planning, cultural fluency, inclusion, belonging, training facilitation and content creation.

Denise currently services as Trade Director of Africa, Middle East, and Europe Trade for World Trade Center Arkansas, she has successfully navigated challenges, and created new pathways for growth and success with global partners to benefit from trade mutually. A self-proclaimed Impact Strategist, she sees opportunities when others see adversity. Denise’s superpower is building relationships to establish a more creative solution to problems, create more effective communications, and moving people to live a more productive lives for the great good.

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