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Do you check in with your customer? Ever? Too often what happens is focus shifts to getting new customers at the expense of the old. Think how annoyed we all get when Cable and Cellular companies offer bonuses or special pricing to new customers and existing just keep paying higher and higher prices. In a services industry you are probably missing out on increased revenue with increased customer satisfaction by doing regular business reviews with your clients. What do you do during those review and how often should you do them are just a few of the questions my guest Kris Blackmon, Chief Channel officer of JS Group and I discuss on this epsiode.

Kris Blackmon is the chief channel officer of industry consultancy JS Group. A veteran of the indirect sales channel, Kris has extensive experience in event programming, editorial and content creation, research and analysis, and community building. At JS Group, she consults on go-to-market strategies for organizations in the indirect channel and leads the content strategy team. Kris is a member of CompTIA’s Channel Development Advisory Council, producing thought leadership for vendors and partners. She sits on the board of Xposure Inclusion and Diversity Council and is a fervent advocate of DEI and allyship in the channel.

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