A Man of a True Conscience - (Henderson Lewelling) - Part 2


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The Henderson Lewelling House also known as Lewelling Quaker Museum (LQM) is located in Salem, Iowa about 20 miles from Missouri border. Henderson Lewelling, was born in a Quaker family in 1809 in North Carolina, later his family moved to Indiana. In 1837 he moved his wife Elizabeth and 4 children to Salem, Iowa.
As abolitionist, Henderson Lewelling represented the more radical side in his opposition to slavery. Salem Quakers experienced schism between radical members and the moderate and eventually ejected Henderson Lewelling from the faith.
In 1843, along with other members of the Salem Monthly Meeting, they established the Abolition Friends Monthly Meeting.

In this final episode; My guests, David and Cathy Helman at the Lewelling Quaker Museum in Salem, Iowa continued the discussion on the life and the contribution Mr. Lewelling had to the Civil Rights in the state of Iowa.
For more information about Lewelling Quaker Museum, please Check out their website; www.lewelling.org
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