Sam Englebardt and Richard Kim - Investing in Immersive Worlds - [Invest Like the Best, EP. 259]


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Today, my guests are Sam Englebardt and Richard Kim, general partners at venture fund, Galaxy Interactive. Having come from the media and finance sectors, respectively, Sam and Richard joined forces in 2018 to invest in their shared thesis that immersive digital experiences would become the dominant way people engage with each other in the future.

Our conversation centers around the evolution of art, finance, and gaming as they proliferate in Web3. Please enjoy my conversation with Sam and Richard.

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Show Notes

[00:02:50] - [First question] - Their thoughts on the digital art market

[00:11:33] - What motivates traditional art collectors and what has been carried over into digital art

[00:17:27] - Is there an attractive beta opportunity in the digital art space?

[00:24:32] - Why investors should do more work understanding NFTs and ways to consider incorporating them into your portfolio

[00:27:55] - The history of Galaxy and their thesis writ large

[00:33:09] - Exciting and terrifying aspects of the financialization of everything

[00:37:27] - Places where inserting markets could be beneficial with Web3

[00:45:27] - Their perspectives on gaming as a subcategory of Web3

[00:51:38] - Tokenomics and the importance of building great game communities

[00:59:18] - What we can learn from successful gaming companies and in-game monetization

[01:04:19] - How Diablo 3’s auction house detracted from the core player experience

[01:06:36] - Where they disagree with the Web3 investing community

[01:10:37] - The kindest things anyone has ever done for them

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