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We are thrilled to be speaking to David Thurston on today’s episode of Inside Design. David is the CEO and Founder of Pulp Riot, an international professional hair color line that was acquired by L’Oreal in a multi-million dollar deal. We had the privilege of hearing David speak at Cosentino’s Global Design Summit and knew we had to bring him onto the show. Tune in to this episode to hear David share his business philosophies and what he has learned about success, stepping outside your comfort zone, and using social media to build an influential brand.


  • [03:00] What comes first: The brand or product
  • [05:00] The spiral staircase philosophy and David’s wishlist for success
  • [09:20] Choosing to be uncomfortable and David’s early steps to leave the corporate world and pursue success
  • [18:28] How can creative entrepreneurs use social media and collaborate with your competitors
  • [23:09] The power of design and Pulp Riot’s unconventional product packaging
  • [29:40] Travel, David’s new book, and thoughts on reaching success at a young age


  • If you want to become successful you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is a muscle you exercise by leaving your comfort zone and taking a step towards your goals and dreams.
  • The photos you post on social media are like merchandise you’re hanging outside your storefront. It’s a way to entice people to engage with your brand. And your follower account is critical. No one wants to “go” into a store that’s empty.
  • Success isn’t reaching the top step and suddenly becoming satisfied. The fulfilling part is the climb up the staircase, not reaching the top. There’s always another step to take.


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David Thurston is a beauty industry entrepreneur, educator, and disrupter. He is best known for being the Founder and CEO of Pulp Riot, an innovative, professional hair color company. In May 2018, L'Oreal acquired Pulp Riot. David continued to serve as the CEO until June 2021.

David strives to collaborate with interesting people on cool projects, traveling the world, and trying new things that get him outside his comfort zone. David is often invited to give keynote presentations at events. His lectures typically aim to teach and inspire leaders using broadly applicable lessons he’s learned on his journey to success, including lessons related to branding, social media, disruption, risk taking, entrepreneurship, and the digital revolution. David’s presentations can be tailor made to any industry.

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