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As you all know, we are connectors and collaborators and all-around lovers of people. So today we are having a chat with another design friend who we know you will adore – Mally Skok. Originally from South Africa, Mally Skok is a Palm Beach-based interior design and textile artist. Since launching her successful interior design business after moving to the United States, Mally has built a client base that is enamored by her creative mix of layering the new with the old, and transforming homes into comfortable, colorful living spaces. Tune in to hear Mally share her unique design experience, her creative process for designing fabrics and her new book, Mally’s Little Handbook!


  • [05:05] Mally talks about her unique background.
  • [09:37] Mally’s early experience with interior design and landing her own fabric line.
  • [15:25] Mally’s many successes and how she comes up with her patterns.
  • [17:58] Finding inspiration from vintage items and mixing old with new artisan-made handmade products.
  • [25:05] Takeaways from Mally’s book.
  • [29:27] What’s next for Mally?


  • If you aren't feeling inspired, don’t force creativity. Let your inspiration and creativity be organic.
  • There is so much more beauty when mixing the old with the new and really concentrating on artisan-made, authentic hand-touched, and hand-loved products because they make a home.
  • Mally’s book, ‘Mally's Little Handbook’ touches on so many little things that people don’t talk about but are really, really important in the home, like how to treat guests, how to approach a dinner party, and how to really scour a flea market.


Mally Skok’s Website

Mally’s Little Handbook


Mally Skok is an interior designer and textile maker, originally from South Africa. Following a global upbringing, Mally and her family moved in the mid-1990s from London to America, where she launched her interior design business. Mally has since built a client base that is enamored with her creative mix of layering the new with the old and transforming homes into comfortable, colourful living spaces. Mally, a tastemaker, a noticer, and a woman with a mission to empower others, has inspired her followers and design friends. She lives with her husband and two doggies and travels to South Africa and elsewhere to visit her beloved mum and three grown children.

Kandrac & Kole was voted one of Atlanta’s Top 20 Residential Interior Designs by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, and has been featured on HGTV as well as in The New York Times, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Better Homes & Gardens, Southern Home Magazine and many others as well as participants of the One Room Challenge Spring 2020. Kandrac & Kole has established a well known reputation for their approachable, dynamic personalities, their signature use of color and pattern and their one of a kind, custom designs.

As industry experts for residential and commercial design, Joann Kandrac & Kelly Kole share upbeat and entertaining narratives regarding their design projects, travels and personal stories on their popular blog, their podcast and via national speaking engagements. Joann and Kelly’s love and commitment to the power of interior design also extends towards their charity work throughout the U.S. and Guatemala.

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