Think Yiddish and Dress British and some other thoughts about The Queen's funeral service today!


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Yes, Think Yiddish and Dress British. That's what a dear friend and former client used to say to me and there's a great story and a great truth behind that statement. And so since it's somewhat goes along with the story of the day which was the queens funeral I would like your permission to tell it to you today ... And then as one of those persons whose mind goes in incredibly random ways I think I can connect it to the event of the day which is the funeral service of Queen Elizabeth II.

Most of you saw it in some way or at least some excerpts from it, and maybe you were like me, I always try to learn something from everything I see read, do and experience. There's something to learn in everything. And often they are interesting ideas.

So if you'll give me 20 minutes on this Monday evening, please relax and let me tell you a few of my stories. And then you respond by telling me some of yours. OK?

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