There's no place in the world quite like this place. Let me introduce you to the Dude Ranch experience at White Stallion Ranch


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Well as our new year and some new beginnings are before us I'm going to suggest that if you've never done so before to have one of the original destination vacations ... they can truly be more than a vacation, they can actually be life-changing. I can say that because I know it's true. And for those of you who've heard of dude ranches and western guest ranches and wondered, what in the world do the dudes do at a dude ranch! Why would I ever want to go there? And do I have to ride a horse? What if I'm scared of horses?

Well I remember the time when I asked a young woman at the White Stallion Ranch just what had happened to her during her week long experience. She paused and then said, "for the first time in my life I became brave." And then there are the stories of the movies and the movie stars and it's a virtual wonderland of stories about some of the famous movies and television programs.

Again that's all a part of the story that we're going to tell you today because it's for interesting people who are looking for new interesting ideas and most importantly interesting experiences. If you're one of those kind of people, for sure this program is for you!

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