Are you serious about the new year. The wall becomes a gate and perhaps you should deal with your coming death this year. Truly some interesting ideas from Stan Hustad


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I love the old prayer that I learned from novelist Robertson Davies, "Oh dear lord don't let me die stupid." Well unfortunately a lot of people are going to do that, but hopefully not you. As I have said for the last few days it's time to celebrate the coming new year which occurs next week.

So may I ask you one of my favorite questions, are you serious? And your response might be about what. And my response would be tell me what the things are that you are serious about. And are you serious about the important things.

And indeed it may be time to be serious about dealing with your death that may happen this year. Nothing morbid, in fact it's quite liberating and I think you'll find it and also a bit challenging. Give me 15 minutes and both of us will be smarter and brighter for it,

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