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Do You want to be great? Do you want to master the arts, strategies, skills ,and ways of thinking and performing to be a true world-class Creator Enterpriser? Are you ready to seek the true Spirit Force vital to being a successful life and business innovator, enterprise builder, and entrepreneur? Here is how to be one, here is how to sell like the master creator, how to build a world-class company, and how to be strong, even in your broken places and spaces. And one of the better ways to do that is to continually seek out expose yourself to and create powerful interesting ideas. And that's what this program is all about. Because great ideas lead to greater influence, impact, and true income and in addition they help you become more interested and interesting. Stan Hustad, teacher, storyteller, broadcaster, and business performance coach is your host, guide, and sometimes healer on our road to being fully alive and building a life and business that matters and makes a difference. Your contribution and participation is welcome.

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