Setting Boundaries as Humans and Nurses- Emily Jacobs, DNP, RN, APRN, CCNS, NC-BC


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Setting Boundaries as Humans and Nurses- Emily Jacobs, DNP, RN, APRN, CCNS, NC-BC Highlights


  • Setting boundaries is one way to align with your vision of what is best for you and is imperative to thrive in any environment
  • Toxic work environments can be the impetus to make a change that better aligns with your spirit and your best interests
  • Change can be difficult and It is ok to change positions and do something else that aligns with your values and heart
  • Creating space allows new ideas, new possibilities
  • Organizations are using Nurses as health coaches to offer health coaching to their employees
  • Nurses make connections with people, and Nurses turn the patient’s hardest days into manageable and even good days
  • Ask yourself… what happens if everything does work out? What would that look and feel like?
  • Trust… everything will work out
  • Each of us needs and will benefit from coaching
  • Invest in yourself… amazing and beautiful things will happen for you!

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