Why Road Runners Should Try Trails | Kim Senechal & Carolyn Coffin


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Today’s episode is a little bit different in that we were on the other side of the mic! We recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by physical therapist Dr. Duane Scotti on episode 108 of his highly rated show, the Healthy Runner podcast. We had a great conversation about the benefits of trail running for road runners and we wanted to share it here as well.

Be sure to check out the Healthy Runner podcast if you haven’t already. Duane does an outstanding job of educating his listeners in order to prevent or heal from the most common running injuries. He is a wealth of knowledge and we guarantee you’ll get a lot of value from listening to his show.

In case you missed it, Duane was also a guest on our show back in episode 66 where we interviewed him about the foundational principles runners should follow in order to stay healthy, get stronger, and run faster.

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